mixed media + Circuits



Technology can be considered in a more creative context and become a way to self-express. This kind of connection provides a way to learn by doing, instead of just by listening, reading, or observing others. During our workshop we will play with designing and making soft circuits of increasing complexity. Electrical parts like batteries, wires, and LED's will be sewed into textiles and make clothing look futuristic and fun. We will highlight that E-textiles or smart textiles serve medical purposes. 



Illuminate with paper circuits

Explore circuitry basics using paper, flexible conductive material and lights! You will need to be a little of everything; an artist, a scientist, an engineer to create a greeting card or a 3D pop-up paper sculpture that illuminate the room.




PAttern MAking

This workshop is about simplifying complex ideas and patterns to create your own unique designs. It also touches on ancient cave paintings, and ways humans have been trying to convey meaning with visual signs. It is also a play with colors and patterns. Perfect for holiday season.


Color study

It's a hands-on learning about color theory where kids can practice matching colors and fabrics. This is followed by an introduction to sewing tools, applique, fabric cutting, ironing and machine sewing.

FABric + fauna

 Play with colors and shapes

Play with colors and shapes


Fun workshop for the fall season. We will talk about bats, their habitat, senses, behavior and capabilities. We will also go through the meaning of colors and sewing tools and techniques. The participants will cut out and assemble their bats and sew by hand or with a sewing machine.

 Red hawk, WA

Red hawk, WA


Stories about local birds, their plumage, characteristics combined with a sewing workshop. We cover basic sewing techniques, knot making and needle threading. The workshop combines both art, biology and life skills elements.  


MIXED MEDIA + Visual tricks

 Work inspired by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama

Work inspired by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama


Each class we study a modern artist. We observe, discuss, share and think of the visual tricks the artist used. We then create pieces of art inspired by the work seen.


Logo design

We will go over the process of coming up with ideas and discuss what makes a good logo. We will brainstorm, sketch and have creative fun. Then using printing techniques we will curve out individual logo stamps that depending on ink could be applied to fabric or paper.




Getting to know the process of designing and textile printing. What are the origins of printmaking and what are the techniques used today. We will go over the types of fabric and its many uses. We will brainstorm, sketch, curve, learn about composition and make prints on canvas bags.



It’s a “Bring your old t-shirt workshop” where you learn how to reuse old items and breathe new life into them. Getting familiar with a designing process and printmaking tools, curving and applying the designs.