Science meets art

A series of workshops combining scientific concepts and art.


Light and shadow

Shadows are lurking everywhere but how to make them come alive? You will explore shadows using a variety of light sources and objects. You will create your own shadow animals and puppets and play with light tricks.

drawing virus bacteria.jpg

Biological Sketching

Come to an entirely different art workshop! It won’t be about making pretty pictures. Instead you will be asked to accurately record and communicate biological information from microscopic and macroscopic specimens. Learn the difference between scientific and “idealized” drawings! Learn how to observe closely and record what you see and not what you think you should see. Discover your inner artist or your inner scientist!


Exploring DNA

Wake your  inner scientist and artist by exploring your own DNA and mixing colors using a micropipette. After seeing your DNA and tinkering with it a bit, prepare an artistic representation of that molecule. 


Meet Inventor Mickey Blake & Create Your Own Holiday Masterpiece

Discover and use Floral Soil, a nontoxic, 100 percent plant-based foam invented by Mickey Blake. Become a materials scientist by using instruments and reagents to explore the science of Floral Soil and to learn what it really means for products to be biodegradable and sustainable. Then experiment with cut flowers, succulents and many holiday and gift designs to create your own floral arrangement using Mickey's new product.

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Painting with Bacteria

Come to become a microbiologist and an artist and paint with unusual medium, live organisms. Work using agar plates and colorful strains of bacteria.