5 Outdoor Activities To Enjoy With Your Kids

MOST PARENTS have fond memories of childhood adventures. Games like: Kick the can, Ghosts in the graveyard, Red Rover not to mention fort building or jumping in leaf piles.  We stayed outside until the street lights came up and we had to head home. Today, outdoor time has been replaced with tablets, television, video games, and mostly indoor play. It’s so bad that researchers have labeled the issue as an actual disorder, Nature Deficit Disorder. It is spring out there and a great opportunity to head outside. These are 5 fun and very beneficial outdoor activities you can enjoy with children. 

Fun: There are all kinds of advantages of birdwatching. It's a chance to learn about your immediate environment. Ability to recognize birds living in your area, learn about their habitats and adaptation techniques.
Benefits: Decreased risk of myopia. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, for each additional hour per week spent outdoors  people's risk of developing myopia (nearsightedness) dropped by 2%. 


Fun: Do you remember hopscotch?
Convert your driveway or sidewalk into a fun area where and enjoy marble game, rope jumping or create beautiful chalk street art.
Benefits:  Different studies have determined that natural sunlight affects our internal body clock. With just 30-60 minutes of direct sunlight a day your sleep patterns will dramatically improve.


Fun: Head to the local park and look for "treasure". Encourage kids to draw two or three bugs, identify animal tracks, find creatures' homes (nests, tree hollows, holes, shrubs). Listen for unique sounds and identify them. Activate your sense of smell. Look for pine needles, flowers and nuts.       
Benefits:  Walking through the forest and being totally immersed in the environment is known as forest bathing, and has been linked to boosting your immune system and improving your mood.


Fun: Get your children moving by sharing with them one of your favorite childhood outdoor games.                                               
Benefits:  Research shows that urban environment has a negative effect on short-term memory and ability to focus. Spending time outside has been scientifically linked to cognitive improvement. Outdoor games also improve your fitness.


Fun: Engaging in art while being outside can be a wonderful experience. All you need is chalk. Sit and watch your child create a colorful masterpiece. 
Benefits:  Research have linked time spent outdoors to lower levels of cortisol meaning less stress. IChildren tend to be more creative when they play outdoors.  

There are many fun outdoor activities for you to enjoy with your child. But most importantly, there are plenty of healthy reasons to do it. You’ll feel happier. Your body will fight infection better, and you will feel more creative and be able to drift off to sleep easier so you can start the next day rested and ready to greet the world.

Anja Willis


-Eat your broccoli!
-Because it's good for you...
The reality is that veggies are not just "good" for us but as human organisms, we NEED the nutrients in them to survive and grow. Without the components found in healthy foods we would not have energy to breath, let alone run, jump and play. One of the best science labs anywhere is a veggie and fruit garden! It's a perfect place to teach our children about nutrients and how they enable us to go, grow and glow!


Little Explorers discovered just how awesome their bones are in lab class this week. When asked to draw pictures of what they would look like without their bones, lab journals quickly filled with pictures of various jelly-like blobs. They learned to appreciate the skeletal system for all the amazing work it does. Our bones are not only the framework that enables us to stand upright and move around, but the mighty protector of our heart, lungs and other internal organs. The preschoolers were amazed that our 206 bones are also in charge of making our blood cells! The explores got busy moving their bones as they worked to solve the life size skeletal puzzles. Let's hear it for our bones!

Juvenile size skeletons were printed from this website.