We design three major types of interdisciplinary programs containing hands-on inquiry activities integrating several natural and mathematical subjects (STEM). During Science Workshops students follow protocols to become familiar with the process of science. They are closely instructed by an educator. During Solution Workshops, students solve the research problem, and choose methodology and implementation. An educator is an expert and adviser. At Challenge Workshops they design and build prototypes that meet specific standards. An educator is a partner who together with the students seeks solutions. 


THE FOUNDER and lead designer

Mariola Kulawiec PhD has pursued her passion for science by working as a molecular biologist specilized in mitochondria role in cancer genetics. Now as an educator she is “infecting” her students with curiosity. "I draw inspiration from passion to understand our world. My passion is what initially motivated me to pursue science career, and now I would like to pass on my love for science." 






Edyta Newcomb is a biologist an education enthusiast.  She loves to help kids especially the youngest  to grow with an interest in science. Her key to a successful  science workshop is to stay calm and provide support. 

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Jen Gan, PhD is a Chemists/Biochemist by training. Her areas of expertise includes manipulation, optimization and analysis of DNA sequencing on Human Genome. She enjoys teaching and have been presented with a student nominated teaching award at Purdue University. " I think rainbow is so beautiful and looking at it, is mesmerizing. When I was a kid, it was particularly exciting when I realized that chemistry was the key to understand everything. The instant when I connected and explained the science in the way that my students got it, and when I looked into their twinkling eyes and saw the “OMG!” moment were the most wonderful and rewarding feelings I got as an educator."




Agnieszka Kroczek is a print and digital designer. She strongly believes that art encourages taking risks and creative thinking which are essential for problem solving. She is also an experienced teacher with a BA in teaching and MA in English Linguistics.