We've had many STEM presenters who get kids to complete a set activity, in a set way, and they leave it at that. Witty Scientists is different in that they provide a much richer learning experience. During their presentations, they never talk down to kids, and the kids are riveted. They begin sessions by laying a foundation of information, then ask the kids to think, design, build and test their own ideas. They encourage thoughtful evaluation, idea sharing, and applying what is learned beyond the immediate activity; to real-world problems. 
— Deborah Sand, Newport Library, KCLS
Thank you so much for a wonderful series of science programs!!  The kids were so interested and engaged at all three programs; I think they really had fun (and learned something, too).  And the parents and caregivers were SO impressed.  I heard a lot of requests for more of you in the future!                                    —Laurie Field, Shoreline Library, KCLS


I am always impressed with your preparation and detail.
— Marilyn Franklin, Cascadia Montessori School Principal
The scientist was very prepared and knowledgeable about the subject. She was fun, energetic and the lesson was adaptable for all learning styles and levels.
— Jacqueline Joyner
I was surprised at how complex the activities were and although very complex, the children were so engaged and grasped the concepts easily because of hands on the activities were.
— April Bowen, Easter Seals WA
I just heard about your engineering experiment with our preschoolers last week - what a wonderful learning activity! I LOVE how you incorporated budgeting into the program too, you’re a genius! I am truly amazed by you and what you do and I can’t thank you enough.
— Dena Atkins Conley, Easter Seals Washington


Thank you for being such a great role model for our girls. Maggie has loved Science Club. My kids also participated in witty’s summer camp and a club at my kids’ school. They loved the fun, hands-on learning, with projects geared towards what kids are into (and super age appropriate!). Mariola and her team are a great resource for schools and a great learning opportunity for summer/break camps. Highly recommended!
— Julie Fry
Trevor loved, loved camp. Every day he would tell us what he learned and repeated some of the experiments.
— Trevor's parent
Ava has had a great week! She loves science and engineering. This is her second science camp and her favorite!
— Ava's parent
My son, Nathaniel, said that this camp was "Awesome!" and that he learned a lot about science! He can't wait to do it again! Thank you!                                                                                                                                    — Nathaniel's parent


I had a very fun time in science club this year and you are a great science teacher.
— Alina, Marvista Elementary School
I liked everything we learned especially when we did the microscopy work.                                                     — Ambika, 9 y old