preschool and FAMILY WORKSHOPS

Family Workshops are the place that engages preschool-aged children and their adults in learning together. We designed the workshops the way that allows taking children creativity even further and at the same time to help adults nurture the spark. Both children and adults are enjoying fun activities and very often learn something new or discover something in a new light. The adults get tips and strategies to continue the learning and experimenting at home. We believe that is never too early to start SCIENCE with kids. They are perfectly adapted to learn science concepts when we tap into their natural curiosity about the world around us. We allow them to investigate; we ask thoughtful questions that promote observing, comparing, and logical thinking. 


little Science EXPLOrerS 

Explore, experiment, discover, and play with your grown up!  Every week you both will wear the “lab coat” of different scientists. As Witty chemists, you will create amazing reactions; as geologists, you will erupt volcanoes; as physicists, you will play with the forces of nature and as detectives, you will decode an invisible man’s message. We will take you on a journey into the wanderfull world of science.

July 25–Sept25
Weds 10am–11am


WS-social-media_engineer (2).png

Engeenering for little hands

As witty engineers you will discover how things work and explore the secret science behind common household items. Come and recycle, up-cycle and re-purpose everyday materials into your own inventions. It is a journey into the fascinating world of science, technology, engineering and math on a lap of your grown up.