hands on WORKSHOPS

Witty Scientists interactive workshops are designed to enhance students' involvement using hands-on and minds on activities and real scientific tools and materials. These workshops focus on inquiry-based learning and have the following goals in mind: elicit students' prior knowledge and support students in collecting careful data. By the end of the workshop our students also learn about career opportunities that are connected with the topic. 

"Witty Scientists are our top presenters for STEM! They provide original, high quality, on-point activities and physical models that make complex information and concepts accessible to even the youngest students.  We've had many STEM presenters who get kids to complete a set activity, in a set way, and they leave it at that. Witty Scientists is different in that they provide a much richer learning experience. During their presentations, they never talk down to kids, and the kids are riveted. They begin sessions by laying a foundation of information, then ask the kids to think, design, build and test their own ideas. They encourage thoughtful evaluation, idea sharing, and applying what is learned beyond the immediate activity; to real-world problems.  We get lots of glowing comments after hosting these programs. Both kids and parents appreciate Witty Scientists' professional expertise (it's not just a name, they are actual scientists!) and are inspired by their well thought-out, supportive and active approach to learning. " Deborah Sand, Newport Way Library, KCLS  

Tools of the trade

Engineers partner with scientists to innovate and design new tools that can help to find answer for still unknowns’ areas of nature. Children will learn about nanotechnology, microscopy technology and build a model of an atomic force microscope.

Your Brain - Under Construction!  

The brain is the amazing, all-important organ inside the skull that functions as the command center for the entire body. It is a very hungry organ that needs specific nutrients for optimal health and performance. This program will highlight specific foods that build better brains. We will mental gymnastics, brain teasers, games and illusions. Let's build a better world by building better brains!

Engineer Better Medicines

Former Vice President Biden called for a ‘Cancer Moonshot’ to accelerate cancer research. That kind of effort requires all of us to work together on prevention, detection and treatment. We will model Gold Nanoshell Cancer Treatment and learn about biomedical engineering while designing, building and testing prototype surgical tools to treat cancer.


Provide Access to Clean Water

Predicting that the availability of quality water is a critical problem in many areas of the world. Students will learn about water polluters and design, build and test water filters.

Build a Healthier You!

Building a better world starts with the kid in the mirror. This program will highlight the important role that healthy food choice plays in building our bodies. The global idea being that our collective future relies on our individual wellness. This nutrition education will empower children to establish healthy food patterns as the foundation for building better bodies. MyPlate principles and hands-on activities that test the nutrient components of food will help kids answer questions such as; "Why should I eat broccoli?" Let's empower our kids to make educated healthy "whole" food choices and build a better, healthier world.

Bacteria: Friend or Foe?

Bacteria are everywhere, inside and outside of us. We will ask children if their hands are clean or just unseen? Their hand washing technique will be tested with UV light. In this program we will follow the route of how germs spread


Don’t burst my bubble!

Bubbles are both beautiful and fascinating, but how do they work?  Children will be learning about scientific concepts that revolve around bubbles, such as surface tension, iridescence, cohesion, comparative sizing, elastic properties and more. Bubbles are not trivial! 



All the budding athletes are invited to compete in our Witty ‘Lympics’ 2016! In a team of two you will race through our special STEM Obstacle Course full of energizing exercises for your body and brain. Students will understand that a healthy lifestyle is a result of frequent and intense activity, healthy choices and good nutrition. 


From a champion to a cheater

Faster, Higher, Stronger at the cost of health or ‘fair play’ –  our students will feel like an athlete who faces this dilemma. They will understand the science and ethics around performance enhancement in sports. Additionally, we will simulate the anti-doping laboratory were students will analyze urine and (fake) blood samples in order to learn about an athlete’s biological passport.  Besides protecting an athletes’ health, doping controls and punishment are based on a concept of 'fair play’ in sports.  A take home message for our students will be: “It is not fair to cheat”. 



You are what you eat

Children will see what they eat and how their body uses food to Go, Grow and Glow. They will be able to explain the function of some of the primary molecules in foods such as sugar, starch, vitamins and minerals. They will be able to describe the different roles that various nutrients play in human health, as well as and confirm that the iron in fortified cereal is the same iron that is attracted to magnets.  Children will learn how to make healthy choices.