WITTY summer camps

"Trevor loved, loved camp. Every day he would tell us what he learned and repeated some of the experiments". Trevor's parent
"Ava has had a great week! She loves science and engineering. This is her second science camp and her favorite!" Ava's parent
“ My kids have participated in a Witty Scientists summer camp and they also run a club at my kids school. They have loved the fun, hands-on learning, with projects that are geared towards what kids are into (and super age appropriate!) Mariola and her team are a great resource for schools and a great learning opportunity for summer/break camps. Highly recommended! ” Julie Fry, parent.
"I like everything we learned especially when we did the microscopy work! We should have more experiments!" Ambika, student at Young Explorers Learning Center, Redmond


Yuck! If you like all things gross, squishy and electrifying come to our camp full of XL bubbles, magnetic slime, fuzzy molds and fizzing chemical reactions.  You will discover the science behind weird and gross bodily functions and see your belly button bacteria! Conducting bizarre experiments is welcome! It’s a hands-on, minds-on journey into the science and biotechnology of plain gross! 

Federal Way

July 10–14, 2017, 9 am - noon
Students entering grades 1 - 3
Art Room, Dumas Bay Center
Barcode ID: 55941 


August 14­­17, 2017, 9 am - noon
Students entering grades 3 - up
Green River College, Auburn Campus, WT-16
Item: C933


CSI Mystery Camp 

Be a forensic scientist for a week! You will look at the crime scene, collect evidence, and figure out how the crime happened. We will cover intense problem solving, anthropology, fingerprinting, chromatography and much more! It’s a hands-on, minds-on journey into the field of forensic science and related STEM careers. OUR SCHEDULE: Day 1: Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation, observation activities, witness, suspect and motive development; procedures for search operations, types of evidence. Day 2: Locard’s Principle, fingerprints, rid-geology, lip prints and bite marks analysis. Day 3: Macro and microscopic fiber analysis, tool and foot marks. Day 4: Chemistry and toxicology Lab-identifying unknown substances and liquids. Day 5: DNA extraction and principles of DNA fingerprinting. 

Federal Way

July 24­­28, 2017, 9 am - noon
Students entering grades 4 - up
Art Room, Dumas Bay Center
Barcode ID: 55942


It's time to come to the garden and explore the science behind the goodness that super-foods make in our bodies! The series covers harvesting, making, eating garden snacks, and analyzing them in our science and engineering lab. Our hands-on, seed-to-table activities will finally answer the question: Why eating broccoli is good for you? 
You don't want to miss this one! 


August 8–­­11, 2017, 9 am - 1 pm
Students entering grades K - up
Growing Green Kids, LLC, Kent


Real-world STEM Challenges

Be an inventor, engineer and scientist in one! Be prepared to find a solution, step out of the crowd and learn to make a difference solving real-world challenges of the 21st century.  You will tackle the problem of providing access to the clean water, engineer a model of an atomic force microscope, develop solutions to the problems caused by plastic waste and clean-up nasty oil spill.  It’s a hands-on, minds-on journey fueled by your own creativity, tinkering and passion!


August 21­­24, 2017, 1 pm - 4 pm
Students entering grades 5 - up
Green River College, Auburn Campus, WT-16
Item: C931