-Eat your broccoli!
-Because it's good for you...
The reality is that veggies are not just "good" for us but as human organisms, we NEED the nutrients in them to survive and grow. Without the components found in healthy foods we would not have energy to breath, let alone run, jump and play. One of the best science labs anywhere is a veggie and fruit garden! It's a perfect place to teach our children about nutrients and how they enable us to go, grow and glow!


Little Explorers discovered just how awesome their bones are in lab class this week. When asked to draw pictures of what they would look like without their bones, lab journals quickly filled with pictures of various jelly-like blobs. They learned to appreciate the skeletal system for all the amazing work it does. Our bones are not only the framework that enables us to stand upright and move around, but the mighty protector of our heart, lungs and other internal organs. The preschoolers were amazed that our 206 bones are also in charge of making our blood cells! The explores got busy moving their bones as they worked to solve the life size skeletal puzzles. Let's hear it for our bones!

Juvenile size skeletons were printed from this website.

What is body mapping?


Remember playing the game "Operation" as a kid? This week, Little Explorers became medical doctors in order to embark on an expedition into the human body. First, they created a body map by tracing their own bodies and embellishing them with creative and colorful details. Next, the little MDs began the exciting journey of placing body organs in the correct location. Did they get it right? Not always, but they learned along the way that the brain is not found in the throat and the kidneys belong lower than the chest. By the end of the journey, they were preschool specialists of internal organs!